Office 365 Architect

What your role will be at IW

The customer can count on you to translate their challenges to a smoothly working solution built on Office 365, or on a private cloud or on-premise solution should their guidelines dictate this.

Your colleagues look up to you because of your broad insight into the technological aspects of the Office 365 suite of internet services and how you can integrate them with other IT solutions.

As the one responsible for the delivery of the solution to the customer, as well as maintaining the business relationship with the customer and any other involved parties, both the customers and your colleagues consider you as their trusted advisor for anything Office 365 or SharePoint related.

What you have to offer

As a facilitator you have organised workshops with customers to determine the strategic impact of the solution and to clearly define the functional requirements. Afterwards you use all this input to build an information and/or technical architecture that will make the goals of your customer a reality.

You have multiple years of experience performing in this role and you can proudly provide examples and explain how you contributed to the application architecture.

You stay on top of all new possibilities, standards and best practices concerning SharePoint and Azure solutions. At the moment you are conceptually up to speed with TypeScript, Rest API's, React, Angular, SharePoint CSOM, Azure Functions, LogicApps, WebJobs, PowerApps and MS Flow and you know when to include these technologies in your solutions.

Your talents and skills

  • an accumulated technical background and deep rooted interest in the inner workings of the components you use
  • a natural gift for coordination and a high sense of responsibility
  • strong communication skills and a high emphatic ability
  • you fit well in any group and you are quickly accepted as a trusted team member
  • you are a born "teacher" who easily can provide a clear and simple explanation as well as a deep and substantiated insight on the technical components you use.
  • you have a very structured and quality driven way of working

What IW represents to its customers

IW was founded in 2004 and since 2007 has specialized in Microsoft SharePoint technology, and by extension the Office 365 suite. In 2013 we joined the Cronos Group.

Through our experience and knowledge we help our customers to apply those aspects of the Office 365 and SharePoint technology which are most relevant to them, with the purpose to support them in the execution of complex business and productivity tasks or to optimize their way of working.

At the moment of posting this job opening, our team consists of 24 experts who have built experience in:

  • Development
  • functional support
  • information analysis
  • graphical design en optimized user experience
  • community management
  • project management
  • IT infrastructure
  • migrations between cloud and on-premise environments
  • technical support, health monitoring and maintenance

A competitive salary package with extralegal benefits, including an above average company car, top of the line laptop, smartphone with mobile subscription, group and hospital insurance and several benefits from the Cronos Group.

Having a healthy balance between the hard work needed to bring our customer the quality they expect, and maintaining mental resilience is key to ensure we keep going strong and rewarded. At IW we frequently (monthly) organize team activities and non-technical training to help you better understand how you work, what motivates you and how you are supported and appreciated by the team.

The company facilitates Spotify and Netflix subscriptions for our team members to help them focus during the work hours using music, and de-stress and share interests after hours about series, documentaries and movies.

We offer you a nice environment where openness and transparent communication are central. You get the possibility to share your vision and strategy to make us even stronger as a company. You will be coached to grow at the pace you are most comfortable with, and are stimulated both by your ambitions as by the achievements of the team and our company.

We promote flexibility related to mobility and offer as much support as possible with flexible working hours, use of public transport, remote working and this in accordance with personal and customers’ needs. Should you want to work together with your colleagues, we currently provide office space in Kontich and Kortrijk and are looking for a new location in the Leuven-Hasselt region.