Our Services

Our Approach

A phased approach
And iterative implementation
With high customer involvement

We prefer working in a phased approach. This offers both parties a clear overview of the status and allows course corrections along the way.

Starting with a design and analysis phase allows us to get a clear overview of the needs and allows you to get better insights in the used approaches. Together we work towards the expected results. After approval of the design plans, we begin the implementation and execution phase. The execution is iterative, which enables agility and flexibility. During the test and validation phase the goal is to have a thorough end to end testing and review done to ensure the correctness of the solution. The last phase is the stabilisation phase where the solution is further fine-tuned to the business needs.

Across all these phases, our project managers make sure to stay on track and budget. All of our project managers are certified and have an expert knowledge level of the solutions we offer. Our community managers ensure a smooth transition to new systems for the end-users by involving groups of stakeholders from the start.

We are here to help you


Figuring out the best solutions together with the customer.

Community management

We stimulate user involvement which is key in adopting new solutions.


Our creative designers add that extra touch and usability to the solutions.

Project management

We provide certified project managers with expert level knowledge of the tools.


We offer 24/7 support for all new or existing solutions.


We are specialized in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Azure Solutions.

Our Toolbox

Azure provides cloud-based solutions to support the demands of your business. Building and running your solutions on Azure helps you reduce costs, gain agility and differentiate your business while providing the security and reliability requirements of organizations.
Microsoft SharePoint (Online) is a collection of (cloud- and) web-based technologies that makes it easy to store, share and manage digital information within an organization.
The Microsoft Office 365 suite is a hosted, online version of the traditional installed version of Microsoft Office software. This online service is subscription-based and includes Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, Microsoft Office Web Apps and much more.