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The Departement Werk en Sociale Economie (Department of Work and Social Economy) is responsible for policy coordination and development and for the follow-up, monitoring and enforcement (inspection) of the Flemish employment policy. In addition, it also provides support and reinforcement of employment in the regular sector, the non-profit sector and the social economy in Flanders. It contributes to the promotion of employment through various employment programs, recognitions and subsidies.

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GO! is organised by the public body called ‘GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap’ and it represents public education in Flanders, organised by the Flemish Community. Despite being financed by the Flemish Government, it functions independently of the Flemish Ministry of Education. Apart from GO! there is also the subsidised public network, run by our provinces and municipalities, and the subsidised free network, mainly organised by groups affiliated to the Catholic church. 

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