Geo Square - collaboration and communication platform



Geo Square is a group of different companies delivering solutions, services and products that create and deliver added value based on spatial information & connected data streams. The Geo Square companies turn spatial information into real business value. They offer 3 main categories of solutions: GIS, Mobile Workforce and IOT.

They wanted to create a single Collaboration and Document Management platform for their internal sales & project teams and external customers.


The data related to projects and Business Units was decentralized and stored via various tools (Office 365, Dropbox, SharePoint …).

The management team decided to centralize all data and expertise related to sales, project teams and customers in a single platform in order to:

  • Improve the communication & collaboration internally and externally (with customers)
  • Consolidate and secure the data
  • Easily share and find relevant information
  • Offer an efficient and user-friendly tool


After a functional and technical analysis, IW took care of the elaboration of the customized, self-service and self-provisioning SharePoint sites.

  • Each user has a personalized view (favorites) with access to relevant data (own projects/customers).
  • Integrated and easy approval & control flow for new customers and new projects.
  • Standardized and uniform templates for proposals, sales documents, project files… with flexibility to personalize with an own logo.
  • Dashboards for easy finding: per customer/ project/ sales/ business unit.


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workflows
  • Azure Functions
  • Date:Feb - Sep 2017
  • Client:Geo Square
  • Categories:Office 365, SharePoint