Welcome to IW

Our main focus is to help companies optimise their information management and collaboration environment.
We offer solutions and services that are based on Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Azure Solutions or related products.


The right communication at the right time is key for successfull information management, collaboration and adoption during changes.


We focus on improving the way your people work together inside the company and outside with clients.

Information Management

Our information architects determine the most suitable way of structuring your corporate information and make it available from any device at any time.

Are you ready for awesomeness?

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Figuring out the best solutions together with the customer.

Community management

We stimulate user involvement which is key in adopting new solutions.


Our creative designers add that extra touch and usability to the solutions.

Project management

We provide certified project managers with expert level knowledge of the tools.


We offer 24/7 support for all new or existing solutions.


We are specialized in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Azure Solutions.